Sometimes we can’t help but feel overwhelmed by life events, especially when complicated by mental health concerns. While sometimes feelings of stress, anxiety and depression can be normal, too much of these over a long period of time can be detrimental to our lives and the lives of others. We may hesitate to share our thoughts and feelings with our friends and family because we fear they might judge us or just not understand. This can leave us feeling alone in our distress.

My aim is to provide a safe, supportive and confidential environment to explore your very personal and often painful concerns and psychological distress. It requires a relationship of trust, sensitivity and compassion. My aim is to help you find insight into your unique approach to life, relationships and problems. A collaborative exploration of your inner strengths to find a path forward, realistic solutions and an attitude of acceptance of what can’t be changed.

Effective help is possible

There is a vast amount of scientific research to support the fact that evidence-based approaches to counselling such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT),  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Schema Therapy, can be very helpful for many people.  Unfortunately there is no magic wand to make your problems disappear but you can learn effective strategies to help you ‘think well, feel better’ and behave more flexibly and functionally with the particular challenges that life brings you.

Covid-19 Update

Given the Covid lockdown, and the ongoing health vulnerabilities with the Delta variant,  I am only able to offer Telehealth video and telephone appointments. 

Video sessions are conducted through a secure practice management software. I have found this to be a very effective way to provide counselling services and have found that most of my clients have adapted well to it.  Prior to your appointment you will be sent a link. Please call me if you have any questions about my services.

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